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Land quality

Geo2 has expertise in all aspects of land quality characterisation and assessment.  We act as trusted advisors providing support to our clients through all stages of the project lifecycle from initial appraisal to remediation design, implementation and securing associated regulatory and planning approvals.

Land contamination poses risks to health and the environment and the associated abnormal costs can act as a deterrent to investment and development. We possess a first-class understanding of the associated risks, constraints and liabilities presented by land contamination, along with the expertise to manage them effectively, saving our clients time and money.

Through our technical guidance, risk assessments, and targeted mitigation strategies, we can assist you in identifying a cost-effective and secure solution for your site that aligns with statutory requirements.

The team at Geo2 has tackled some of the UK’s most challenging contaminated sites to bring about successful regeneration and has dealt with difficult contaminants such as asbestos impacted soils and chlorinated solvents, and contaminants with rapidly evolving understanding, such as PFAS.

Our specific services include:

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence and M&A support including remediation and abnormal cost assessments
  • Preliminary Risk Assessments (Phase 1 / PRA) 
  • Design and delivery of ground investigations / intrusive site investigations 
  • Generic Quantitative Risk Assessments (Phase 2 / GQRA) 
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (Phase 3 / DQRA) 
  • Ground gas and vapour risk assessments / monitoring 
  • Materials & waste management and classification 
  • Contaminant fate & transport modelling 
  • Remediation options appraisals and strategies 
  • Remediation supervision and verification reporting

Speak to our land quality team about your project.


" Highly recommend! Always really helpful, thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas. "

Brad Hall, Ensafe

"I have worked with Geo2 over the past ten years on some technically challenging development sites and found their help and advice to be excellent. In both pre and post-acquisition stages, Geo2 are a valuable member of the project team who offer clear explanations and advice; their passion for their subject is evident. During the construction phase Geo2 are able to react quickly when needed and their expert knowledge allows decisive action to be taken mitigating cost and delay."

Jo Hedley , Property Development Manager James Hall & Co. Ltd.