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Blackburn TE

Remediation Options Selector

Delivered sustainably and executed with skill, our land remediation services’ experience is extensive and diverse, capable of solving almost any brownfield remediation issue, both in situ and ex situ.

Building on this knowledge, we have created our very own Remediation Options Selector as a starting point for anyone wishing to understand the principal methods of solving land contamination impacts. 

The Selector has been carefully curated to include every mainstream remediation technique, assessing the feasibility of each approach in targeting a full suite of contaminants across a range of environments. Using a series of simple dropdown menus, the user can quickly identify a shortlist of three methodologies, created for each critical source-pathway-receptor linkage, indicating solutions suitable for remediation of the identified impact, providing an understanding of methods and options. 

Our Remediation Options Selector is unique in the sector, providing genuine, unbiased guidance - the  result of extensive research, technical input and testing over many months to ensure accurate diagnosis. 

However, the best way of understanding your remediation issues is for us to talk. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss specifics of any project, offering our wealth of experience to landowners, developers and consultants, to tailor a solution for your site.


To complete this assessment, values should be selected from each of the dropdown menus below to reflect each individual significant source - pathway - receptor linkage. Where more than one significant linkage exists this assessment may need to be undertaken multiple times


Step 1. Select Source

Step 2. Select Pathway

Step 3. Select Receptor