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Forecourt services

Geo2 is one of the most experienced remediation operators for forecourts in the UK

We have built a reputation for clever, cost effective solutions, delivered on time, to budget, with client collaboration. If you are considering a site for redevelopment, we advise you to bring us in at the earliest possible opportunity, to mitigate any time or cost issues.

Our petrol forecourt services include;

Site investigation - Exploring  suspected contamination of soil and groundwater, which can have serious implications on land value, liability and development costs, is found and consequently removed from forecourts.

Quantitative Risk Assessment - Enabling clients to determine whether or not to act on contamination by providing a risk assessment. Not all contamination requires intervention, but our risk assessments can manage your risk.

Remedial Strategy Design - Our suite of remedial tools to rectify issues surrounding contamination applies industry leading techniques. We will fix all issues cost effectively and with minimal disruption.

Verification Reporting - Our remedial services have been proven to improve the environmental and human health risks associated with contamination.

Ground Gas & Vapour Risk Assessment - Arising from contamination, infilled land and coal seams; ground gas can present a risk to human health. We deploy a range of methods to characterise and assess the risk to ensure safe development.  

Proposed Fuel Storage Risk Assessment - We ensure proposed fuel storage is designed with risk management in mind, reducing the threat of future spills by preserving the quality of our future environment.

" Highly recommend! Always really helpful, thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas. "

Brad Hall, Ensafe

"I have worked with Geo2 over the past ten years on some technically challenging development sites and found their help and advice to be excellent. In both pre and post-acquisition stages, Geo2 are a valuable member of the project team who offer clear explanations and advice; their passion for their subject is evident. During the construction phase Geo2 are able to react quickly when needed and their expert knowledge allows decisive action to be taken mitigating cost and delay."

Jo Hedley , Property Development Manager James Hall & Co. Ltd.

Who we work with

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