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Geo2 Twenty years in business


Geo2 Remediation Ltd is proud to celebrate a milestone of twenty-years in business, going from strength to strength as a leading provider of brownfield and contaminated land solutions, vital to preserving the health of our environment.

Land remediation involves the removal or treatment of pollutants and contaminants from soil and water with the goal of reducing risks to human health and the environment, championing sustainable development, minimising landfill and regenerating former industrial land.

The company was founded in 2003 by Mark Swindells, at the tender age of just 27. From one person working from a portacabin in Leeds, Directors Paul Stapleton and Adam Wilson joined the team within the following two years and between them they are the bedrock of the business. 

Directors Mark Swindells, Adam Wilson and Paul Stapleton

Geo2 has a diverse portfolio of projects in land remediation based on providing fixed fee, all risk solutions to clients, promoting development confidence and backing up our expertise with an enviable track record of repeat customers, delivered sites and industry awards. 

Paul Stapleton has led the fuel and forecourt area of the business and is now one of the countries’ leading specialists in the investigation and remediation of petrol filling stations. His work sees him lead a team of engineers who investigate petrol forecourt stations to establish whether there is any land contamination ahead of a sale or re-development and where contamination is found, works to clean up the site. Over his twenty-year tenure Paul has worked with an incredible 1800 fueling sites which make up 20% of the overall industry.

“We are now one of the country’s leading specialists in the investigation and remediation of petrol filling stations. We understand the unique needs and complexities of forecourt development, where every inch above ground is valuable retail space and every inch below ground hides a dense network of vital infrastructure. This knowledge has seen us become a trusted advisor for independents, forecourt groups and nationwide chains, navigating environmental risk, legislation and planning red tape.”
Paul Stapleton, Geo2 Director


The company has earned its success to date through hard work and word of mouth. We want to help as many people as possible, making the UK and beyond a healthier, happier place. Land remediation should no longer be seen as an unwelcome obstacle to development, but as part and parcel of the regeneration of our communities and the environment, helping to build a shared sustainable future. 


A people focused company, one of Geo2 proudest achievements is our team of project managers and engineers. Many senior staff have risen through the ranks and chosen to stay with us and been part of the team for over a decade, demonstrating our commitment to our people, ensuring that all our team really understand the nuts and bolts of our specialism.

Geo2_News_GeoTwenty5The Geo2 team

Over the twenty-year period we have picked up numerous awards and been nominated for our work which we believe is testament to the quality and innovation of what we deliver, including a Ground Engineering Sustainability Award and five Brownfield Awards.

We are trusted advisors to an extensive list of long-standing clients and in 2022 we secured our first international project, utilising our UK environmental risk cleanup skills to fix a 1600m long crude oil spill covering 20,000m2 in the Amazonian jungle in Peru. This work also gave us our most recent Brownfield Briefing award as the 2023 winners of ‘Best International Project’, alongside Ogreen.

Geo2_News_GeoTwenty6Photo credit: Environment Analyst

“We have worked incredibly hard to build Geo2 from the bottom up. Between senior management and our team of staff, we are proud of the reputation we have built over the past twenty years. We have worked hard at being the best at what we do, implementing sustainable remediation practises to transform brownfield sites into viable spaces, promoting urban renewal and creating a positive economic impact. It was also fantastic to have the opportunity to help a small village in Peru, providing our skill and expertise to help them clean up a massive oil spill and we look forward to more of these opportunities in the future.”
Mark Swindells, Founder and Director of Geo2 Remediation Ltd

In 2018, Geo2 moved from rented offices in Farsley, purchasing the former pub, The Coniston in Idle, giving a new lease of life to the derelict building in the same way we do to so many disused and degraded sites. With the Coniston’s future secured, it currently houses 16 members of staff, a workshop and lab and a fleet of treatment equipment.

Not resting on our laurels, we are kicking off our twenty first year in business with huge growth plans. 
“It’s an exciting time for Geo2, by the start of 2024 the team will have grown by 27% as we expand into an area of expertise that has been missing from our overall offering. I encourage people to check back with us in the new year when we are able to announce more detail about this exciting new venture.”
Adam Wilson, Geo2 Director


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