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Case Study published by Concawe

Concawe has published a new report called Case Studies and Analysis of Sustainable Remediation Techniques and Technologies


A case study developed by Northern Gas Networks, Sweco and Geo2 Remediation Ltd on Sustainable Hydrocarbon Remediation has been published as part of this report.

The report was prepared by CL:AIRE and r3 Environmental Technology Ltd and provides 10 CL:AIRE Concawe case study bulletins documenting the practical implementation of sustainable remediation and an analysis to identify key success factors.

The Geo2 case study bulletin describes a solar powered pump to recover hydrocarbon contamination.

Geo2 believe that sustainable, low carbon solutions such as this have huge potential for treatment in remote and off grid areas, but also in managing legacy issues with minimal manpower and minimal investment over longer time frames.

The project comprised the remediation of free phase hydrocarbon present in an infilled below ground tank structure. The objective was to achieve permanent environmental betterment in a sustainable manner and minimise the risk to groundwater and surface water. A remedial solution was designed that used solar powered down-borehole pumps and operated unmanned and remotely over a period of 22 months. A total of 6,100 litres of NAPL was recovered during this period.

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) own and operate the gas holder station in Redheugh (Gateshead) and appointed Sweco to develop a remediation solution which would achieve the remediation objective whilst working around site aspects and constraints.

The remedial solution overcame site constraints and delivered a sustainable system which achieved permanent environmental betterment using only renewable energy to power remediation equipment with no significant impact on wider site activities or site neighbours.

The low intensity renewable energy driven approach was designed and delivered by Sweco and Geo2 Remediation Ltd.

The ten CL:AIRE Concawe Case Study Bulletins, including 'Sunshine on the Tyne - Sustainable Hydrocarbon Remediation, are available to download at




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