Purple Haze: Petrol Plume Fluid and Vacuum Recovery’

Geo² Remediation Ltd have designed, built and installed a network of total fluid groundwater recovery pumps and a vapour recovery system on the site of a significant loss of petrol and diesel fuel oils below a commercial petrol filling station in the North of England. Flowing free oils and extremely flammable vapour contamination were uncovered during the site re-development, located over a historic surface coal mine.

Geo² have created an adaptable remediation system, providing on-site expertise in the initial delineation of the contamination, site supervision and materials management during hotspot removal and design and implementation of a suitable remediation system. Remediation is ongoing and designed to provide flexible and focussed remediation of a multi-fuel oil plume of both free and dissolved phase fuel oil below an operational fuel distribution facility.

Treatment has reduced total contaminant load on site in the initial period of operation from up to 20mm of product to light sheening with multiple treatment wells previously impacted by free oils now presenting contaminant levels < limit of detection.

The in-situ remediation strategy has had several positive sustainability outcomes including reducing mass material movements off site through targeted hotspot removal, creation of a pumped groundwater barrier isolating the contamination within site boundaries and protection of the wider environment and offsite residential receptors from negative emissions often associated with hydrocarbon remediation (noise and odour).

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