Pump & Treat and Dewatering


A large soil stabilisation programme was being undertaken on a former industrial site. The groundwater was impacted by gasworks contaminants and tars.

Our client contacted Geo2 in order to:

  • Pump and Treat the downgradient plume area, during excavation works, to prevent potential offsite migration of mobilised or residual contamination, over the three month programme of works.
  • Treatment of Abstracted Groundwater from the soil stabilisation excavations.

Treatment Design

The system was developed to include:

  • Settlement Tanks, to remove suspended solids from the dewatered excavation,
  • Oil-water Separator Vessels, to recover floating product and separate sinking product,
  • Sand Filtration, to remove fine sediment from the water stream,
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration to adsorb dissolved gasworks contaminants.

Contamination Treated

The system treated an average of 40m3 per day of liquids of various quality and a total in excess of 2,500m3 of liquids were treated over the 3 month programme.


Routine discharge sampling proved that contaminant loading remained below laboratory detection limits throughout the works, minimising the water disposal costs.


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