Oil in the Bones: Hydrocarbon Treatment

Geo² Remediation Ltd were invited by a luxury property developer to provide specialist in-situ remediation expertise for a complex site remediation scheme in the City of York. Serious challenges existed on site from both inorganic (asbestos and industrial made ground) and organic (free fuel oil and hydraulic oil plume) contaminants. The remediation has to be done in a way which would respect nationally significant archaeology underlying and local to the site. Agreement on the final remediation strategy involved complex multi-party negotiations balancing the needs of both Environmental and Archaeological stakeholders.

The remediation required targeted removal of deeply buried oil structures on-site (hydraulic jacks and nine fuel oil tanks), hotspot excavation and free phase skimming. The site was future proofed with a design including zoned gas membranes and sheet piling. The scheme was designed to protect and preserve the sensitive Roman and Viking heritage below the site for future generations!

The project, now in the final stages of completion was considered to be a “great example of best practice and collaboration” by the City Archaeologist given the negotiations around the specific and unusual regulatory demands on the project.

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