Meet Mark!

It is always a challenge finding experienced staff to join any team, and doubly so when the required skill set demands the applicant be at least 30% scientist; 30% engineer; 20% plumber; 20% manager and 10% labourer. So here at Geo2 we are pretty chuffed to have lured Mark into the fold. Mark has been learning his craft over the last few years in the field of small scale domestic remediation and having managed a huge variety of miniature sites, he is now earning the chance to cut his teeth on some far more sizeable and complex problems.

Mark brings something new to the Geo2 team, a hipster beard, which despite winning him free samples from the ladies in the Cake shop, cuts no mustard in the office and certainly doesn’t mean he can avoid the Full Face Respirator rig when out on site. Mark’s enthusiasm to get stuck in seemingly knows no bounds as no doubt you will soon see for yourselves, judging by the number of miles he is quickly racking up scampering around the country.

Welcome to the team Mark! 



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