Geo2 featured in Remediation Solutions: Winners Guide

Following our win in the Brownfield Briefing Awards, we are pleased to see that an article discussing the entry has appeared in the Remediation Solutions magazine.

This article details our ‘Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation’ approach, which was judged as being the winner of the “Best Project Closure” category in the Brownfield Briefing Awards held in October 2015.

The project, which was undertaken in conjunction with CE Geochem, used advanced characterisation methods to work out the most cost efficient way of treating the plume. Detailed depth profiling from frozen soil cores, successfully demonstrated that there was a significant thickness of LNAPL confined within the pore space of the capillary zone, above the aquifer. This characterisation enabled adjustments to the remediation programme and verification process to be made, providing greater confidence to the regulator that the treatment had been successful.

There are a lot of project details which we could go into here, but we suggest you read it for yourself in the latest edition (Issue XXIII, Winter 2015).

At the Award Ceremony the Chair of the Judges said the following about Geo2…”the winner exhibited a different approach to remediation efficiency evaluation and post-treatment data collection, supported by the Regulator”

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